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“Rambos for Christ”


When I first embarked upon considering an online counseling ministry, it was never intended to become a Christian Apologetic web-site. However, as the same reoccurring theme of false teachings being at the root of many of the problems with those we have counseled becomes broader, the need to address false teachings becomes broader. In the past, I steered away from the hot spot subject of KJV-Onlyism because I saw no need for concern in this area. I simply viewed this issue as no more than a preference of one version over another and really did not understand the reason for the heated debates.


My view on this subject changed when horror stories began to surface with many that we have counseled. These stories kept pointing back to a specific group of people with a  “Rambo for Christ” mentality. It goes on the assumption that only “real men are real Christians” and the image of the “Rambo” tough guy remains intact. The only change in the “Rambo” image is the beer in hand being replaced with the bold gold cross on the cover of the KJV-1611 Bible.


The deeper I’ve studied this subject, the more I have been horrified by what I have discovered. With the attention being placed mostly on the obvious cultic teachings such as Mormonism, Jehovah Witness, Word/Faith, etc.,  this group has virtually gone unnoticed in many Christian Apologetic Web-Sites. I believe the main reason for this is because if a person reads the statement of faith of these groups, they appear to hold to the basic beliefs of classic historical fundamental Christianity. I believe the hesitance of speaking against such groups is to often viewed as speaking against fellow believers that should be avoided. After all, what could possibly be wrong with a church that believes in evangelizing and spreading the good news of the gospel of Christ? What could possibly be wrong with a church that emphasizes holiness, strong family values, church involvement, tithing, giving to the poor and needy, so forth and so on? Absolutely nothing!  But it needs to be pointed out that the Mormon Church also places much emphasis on the same things. Looking upon the “good works” of any organization is not evidence that it is a godly organization. When the outward appearance looks good, it means nothing if the heart and soul of individuals lives are being shredded from within. Many of the “Rambos for Christ” may not be cultic in the basic tenants of the faith, but they most certainly do employ many cultic tactics. These tactics cause much harm to the body of Christ not only from within but also from without. Those outside of Christianity see nothing to be desired through observation of these groups. It is this style of Christian Fundamentalism that is most often at the center of ridicule. 


I cannot count the number of times I have had someone ask if I was “One of those fundies”?  (Fundie is a slang term for fundamental Christians.) In response I say “If you are asking me if I believe in the fundamentals of Christianity, the answer is yes.”  The general response is, “I figured you were one of those stark ravin mad whacko Bible  thumpers.”  If I can get them to talk long enough to turn down the volume, it usually is not a complaint against the fundamentals of Christianity. Rather, it is a complaint about what they perceived as being represenative of fundamental Christianity through observation of Rambo’s for Christ. 


The “Rambo for Christ” Mentality


I am sure many are wondering what I mean by the “Rambo for Christ” mentality and I will explain it this way. Imagine the Sylvester Stallone posters of “Rambo” with torn and bloodied clothing exposing his muscular sweaty body. We see him with his knife hanging from his side and the ammunition belt wrapped around his chest. There he stands gritting his teeth while firing his M-60 rifle at the enemy. Glaring, taunting, sneering as he mows the enemy down. The epitome of manhood, the one man army that decimates anybody who gets in his way. The “Rambo’s for Christ” envision that this is the image of Christ that “real men” are to conform to. This mentality is encouraged and practiced in the “Rambo for Christ” style of churches. Any man who may disagree with them is subject to an onslaught of names that generally are of the nature of questioning his manhood. Any woman who disagrees with them, she is subject to an onslaught of names that generally are of the nature of questioning her womanhood. Plus, if she is married, she may get the added bonus of questioning her husband’s manhood for being unable to keep his “woman in line”.


This is just the way it is with “real men” of the “Rambo for Christ” mentality. This mentality is no different than the mentality of “Bubba” who thinks manhood is measured by how far he can spit tobacco juice into the empty beer cans that he just consumed. Anybody who cannot spit as far and drink as much as Bubba is either a sissy or must be gay. The scantily clad Daisy Mae hanging on Bubba’s arm agrees with Bubba’s magnificant display of manhood.  Daisy Mae squeels with delight after observing Bubba’s record 30 foot shot of tobacco juice hitting dead center in the furthest Coors beer can. “What a man my Bubba is”,  Daisy Mae gushes.


The “Rambo for Christ” men do not see themselves as they really look to others no more than Bubba sees how others see him. Both just continue on in viewing themselves as “real men” instead of seeing that real men and women are those who submit to the authority of Christ. Those who submit to the authority of Christ display the fruits of the Spirit that are in complete contrast to Rambo, Bubba and Daizy Mae. The “Rambo for Christ” man scoffs and sneers at any mention of the love of God. Real men don’t love their wives and fellow man as Christ instructs those who he calls his own. Real men take control in Rambo fashion to demonstrate their manhood as real men of Christ. Men who demonstrate the love of God in their lives must be either sissies or are gay. 


“Oh, some may be Christians but they sure are not real take control men like we are”,  says Rambo as he pummels the podium into submission. 


My First Exposure to KJV-Onlyism


Some reading this may think I have gone way overboard but, as I continue to present the material in this article, you will see that I was actually showing much restraint. The flesh side of me desires to address the statements of the Rambo’s for Christ in like fashion and I must continue to fight the temptation. I do not wish to partake of bringing further shame upon the body of Christ as these men and women have.


One more statement I wish to make before I continue on is the admission that I hold no degrees in theology nor am I a student of Greek or Hebrew. If my lack of degrees in this area gives rise for any person to dismiss what follows; then let it be so. However, I can read and I can see falsehood when it is presented and I do possess a certain amount of intelligence with the capability to discern truth from error. It does not take a scholar to see when someone is trying to pull wool over the eyes of the sheep. The KJV-Only people not only pull the wool but they steal the wool from off the sheep to sell it for profit at the expense of the sheep. It does not take a scholar to see when someone makes unfounded assertions and claims in the  presentation of falsehood.


The very first time I was exposed to a KJV-Only person online, I had no idea why this person was ranting and raving over the discussion presently taking place. Only later did I realize that I encountered my first Rambo for Christ. Rambo was upset because I dared to use a verse from the NIV during the discussion. I was completely taken back by the vile, vulgar comments and threats of eternal damnation as an “agent of Satan” for using a “blasphemous book”. At first, I thought that perhaps this was some loose cannon that was not representative of a Christian Church. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there are “Christian Colleges” that actually clone such future preachers as the one I encountered that evening. I still remember at what point that Rambo became enraged. It was at the moment that I quoted Romans 1:25 that reads in the NIV as follows.


“They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator--who is forever praised. Amen.”


This verse was bought up because we were witnessing to a person who was involved in Wicca and we were pointing out that Wicca is based on the worship of the creation rather than upon God who is the Creator. This future “Rambo for Christ” said, “That is a lie and you are going to hell for saying such a thing”.  Obviously puzzled as to why presenting the truth is a lie; I asked this individual exactly what was said that was a lie? His response was, “Because you are using a New Age book, the NIV”.


Besides the obvious that this person was more concerned in the correctness of the KJV-1611 rather than the soul of a person, I was totally aghast with his assertion that the NIV changed “the creature” into a “thing” instead of “Satan”. When I asked for clarification of what he is trying to say, he then posted Romans 1:26 from the KJV that reads as follows.


“Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.”


I could not believe the ignorance of this individual when it is obvious in the context that “the creature” means “the creation”. This person continued to argue that “the creature” was in reference to Satan. I knew that creation was the proper understanding even when I used nothing but the KJV in the previous 17 years of ministry. I could not understand how this individual could have been so deluded into thinking that the proper understanding was to be Satan instead of the creation. Well, I never understood until I started reading up on the KJV-Onlyism debate. Since my encounter with Mr. Rambo, It become clear as to just how dishonest and how far some people will go with lies for the sake of a prefered belief. Needless to say, this “Rambo for Christ” was successful in warning this lady to run from the “Devils” (meaning us) who were selling her soul to Satan. After these “godly” words from Mr. Rambo, she promptly left the discussion. I am sure Rambo felt a certain amount of satisfaction for “saving” this woman from our evil clutches. I wonder if God was pleased with Mr. Rambo for defending the KJV-1611 with such zeal at the expense of this woman’s soul?


In the “Rambo for Christ” circles, defense of the KJV-1611 is always more important than the souls of men. This future Rambo preacher was just gearing up for his first shot at taking control of a church in the same manner as he had been taught of the Rambo’s who taught him. This last sentence reminds me of the words of Jesus in Matthew 23:15 from the official KJV-1611 that states:


“Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.”


Just for the fun of it, lets see if the  “New Age” NIV says the same thing.


“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.”


Yep, I think it says the same thing and is applicable to this individual Rambo for Christ who learned of his protégé Rambo.  What do you think?


Back to my Rambo friend. He left in a state of rage after I asked, “If creature means Satan in that verse, then how do you explain this verse in the KJV?”  I then posted Romans 8:21 that states:


“ Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.”


I then said, “If creature is in reference to Satan in Romans 1:26, then the creature in Romans 8:21 refers to Satan and this means that Satan shall also be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.” 


Upon being presented with that statement, the “Rambo for Christ” left after telling me “Go to hell you agent of Satan” because how could he possibly disagree with the KJV-1611?


Such as it is for Bubba and Rambo. All that matters to Bubba is to save face and his image by defending his tobacco spitting record. For Rambo, just save face and retain the macho image in defense of the purity of KJV-1611, souls are secondary.


The KJV-Only Debate


When we talk about KJV-Only, this is in reference to what is called KJV-Onlyism. KJV-Onlyism is a group of people who believe the only true word of God in English is the original King James Version circulated in 1611 A.D. The belief is that all English versions since the 1611 edition have corrupted the word of God. Individuals involved in KJV-Onlyism may or may not be cultic in the fundamental beliefs of Christianity but in practice, most all fit some or all the earmarks of a cult as per the following examples.


1. Belief they are the only true church.


KJV-Onlyism does not affiliate with any church or individual that does not preach or teach from the KJV-1611 bible alone. The assumption is that to preach or teach from a “corrupt” bible can only result in corrupt preaching and teaching. Some go so far to say that if one has made a profession of faith from anything other than KJV-1611 preaching, they are not saved.


2. Unquestionable authority.


Submitting to the authorities in the church is demanded. Those in authority are never to be questioned. Disobedience to authority is paramount to disobedience of God.


3.Control through fear tactics.


Threats of loss of salvation, abandonment, rejection, missing the rapture, going to hell are common. Sometimes this includes threats of God’s judgment coming upon the children or other loved ones for disobedience to the authorities.


4. Control through intimidation.


Questioning authority is treated as rebellion against God.  Often called sins of pride and rebellion. Many times this includes public humiliation before the church body.


5. Control over persons personal lives.


This often includes where to move, who to marry, what jobs to work. In other words, over most aspects of individuals personal lives. Often this spills over into personal involvement by the church authorities in the training and rearing of their children.


6. Personal public confession of sin.


Supposedly to gain trust in the group but more than often is used as a weapon against those who may be thinking of leaving the group.




Members are discouraged or not allowed to have contact with those outside of the church. Contact with former members is especially discouraged or forbidden.


8.Us against them mentality.


Anybody who may question the teachings of the church is automatically considered an enemy. To listen to any teaching other than what they are receiving in the group is considered consorting with the enemy. This is taken personal with the leadership and often tells the member that only they are concerned and are caring for their soul. Guilt of feeling that you are betraying the only one who truly cares for you is another form of control.


9.Pride and excessive devotion to the church.


Often the appeal to the pride that the member is in an exclusive church is used to keep an unhealthy devotion to the church. Often one must prove their devotion with excessive commitment and involvement in all church activities. This often leads to no time for anything outside of church activities. This can also extend to excessive tithing as evidence of your commitment to both church and to God.


10.Emphases upon holy and righteous living.


Generally this includes dress codes, eating habits, finances, activities, time spent, possessions and relationships with others. What to say, when to say, what to read, what to see what to do and what not to do is the general message from the pulpit.


11.Double standards.


Generally the leadership is exempt when found guilty of the same activities that are forbidden of the members. One standard for the member and another for the leadership. More often than not, this is found to be of a sexual nature with the leadership.


What KJV-Only is not


This article is not directed towards anybody who prefers the KJV to any other English translation. I like the KJV and use the KJV in most of my writing and teaching. It isn’t so much as a preference for myself as it is familiarity because I grew up on the KJV.  The Old English does not pose much of a problem for myself. However, I do recommend the newer versions for new converts because of ease of reading and understanding. I recognize that there are some problems in various English translations. At the same time,  I also recognize that the KJV-1611 is not without error and confusion in certain portions of scripture either. This does not mean the KJV-1611 is corrupted any more than the newer translations are corrupted. At the same time, I do believe the NIV is a more accurate translation than the KJV-1611. This is my personal opinion through what I have studied on a personal level. People may get all upset about this but the fact of the matter is, in each and every one of the English translations, the gospel message is loud and clear and I see so much of this debate as childishness. What I do not see as childishness is when the debates boil over into “correctness” at the expense of souls. It is at this juncture and for this reason that I wade into the debate.


As stated earlier, I am not a theologian but this does not mean that I can not discern truth from error from what I do read and study. The ability to discern is available to anybody that has a sincere desire to want to know the truth about this particular subject or any other subject. All it requires is the desire to know truth above all else. For the fact that I am not a theologian, I will not even atempt to add anything to the already hundreds of theological debates on this subject. All I am going to do is list some recommended articles for individuals who may be interested in the KJV-Only debate to read on their own. Because I am not qualified to debate from a theological position on the KJV-Only issue, I will stay within the area I believe I am qualified. What I believe I am qualified in is in exposing false teachings within the church and this is where I will keep the focus. The cult of  KJV-Onlyism is the main focus of this article and I will let their own words and actions as well as my own personal experiences make my case for me.

The Daisy Mae of the Rambos for Christ


Remember Daisy Mae hanging on Bubba’s arm that saw his display of manliness as something to gush over?  We have the same Daisy Mae gushing over the Rambo’s for Christ whose real name is Gail Riplinger. Gail is the author of the book titled “New Age Bible Versions”. Guess where my Rambo guest received his knowledge about the NIV as a New Age book who insisted that “the creature” was in reference to Satan?


Gail Riplinger asserts that there are thousands of deletions, additions and changes in the modern versions that are driven by a great satanic plot to deceive the nations. I believe Gail Riplinger is sincere in her beliefs but she is sincerely wrong and is sincerely deluded. I believe it is this belief that they are the last and greatest defenders of truth that accounts for the Rambo attitude of the “We Vs. Them” mentality. With the Rambo’s for Christ there is no in between, you are either with them or against them. This boils down to you are either a Rambo soldier for Christ or you are a sissy agent of Satan. I might point out that this attitude is no different than any other cult and this alone should give them pause to rethink their wild accusations.


One look at the review on the back of Gails book bears out her delusion. It reads as follows.


“In New Age Bible Versions, G.A. Riplinger objectively and methodically documents the hidden alliance between new Bible versions and the New Age Movement's One World Religion.


New Age Bible Versions takes the reader behind the scenes to expose the corrupted Greek manuscripts, critical editions, lexicons and dictionaries behind new versions such as the NIV, NASV, NKJV, NRSV, NAB, REB, RSV, CEV, TEV, GNB, LIVING, PHILLIPS, NEW JERUSALEM, & NEW CENTURY. New Age Bible Versions goes on to reveal their occult origins and contents.


Each page of New Age Bible Versions opens a door exposing new version editors —— men in agreement with Luciferians, occultists, and New Age philosophy ——find these men in mental institutions, seance parlors, prison cells, and court rooms for heresy trials—— and most shocking of all —— denying that salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ. Five new version editors have lost their ability to speak.


Dr. Gail Riplinger also exposes yet unreleased material —— a blueprint for the Antichrist's One World Religion and government.” 



For terrific reading that refutes KJV-Onlyism and Gail Riplinger’s book, I recommend reading these following articles.This first one is a rebuttal of  Gail Riplinger’s “New Age Bible Versions” by James White. Although I have strong disagreements with the Reformed Theology of James White, it can not be denied that this scholarly rebuttal is air tight.


Other recommended reading are as follows.



These recommended readings are great for those who wish to know more about the debate on KJV-Onlyism. This is good knowledge to have in understanding exactly what KJV-Onlyism it is all about. For myself, I take the more simple approach because I do not have the expertise in these fields as these gentlemen do. I take a statement like the review on the back of Gails book and wonder where Gail received her information. It is implied that anybody who reads anything other than the KJV-1611 is deceived.


If that is true, then I can reverse her logic and ask her who deceived the Mormons, Christian Scientists, Jehovah Witness’s, The Church of God (Armstrongism), The Way International, the Unification Church and many other cults that began with reading only the KJV-1611 bible?  Could it be equally possible that reading only the KJV-1611 has deceived Gail too?


That is the problem with using flawed logic. The one who uses flawd logic always has a way of having wild and false accusations turned back upon them.


The Rambos for Christ Cast of Characters


I suppose it would be inappropriate to continue using Daisy Mae in reference to the Gail Riplinger’s so perhaps Ramboette would be the best application. But for the sake of clarity, the term Rambo’s for Christ will be gender neutral from here on out. I wish no longer to debate the correctness of the KJV vs. NIV, NASV, NRSV et al, we will just let this stop at the RIP version.


Why am I continuing to call this group the Rambo’s for Christ?  Simply because this is the demeanor of which they operate in and are in need of little or no sympathy. The style of Rambo’s evangelism is a spiritual knee in the groin to take them captive. Once being taken hostage, spiritual chops to the neck and a few spiritual slaps in the face are required to keep them in line. The threat of shooting them dead with KJV-Only spiritual bullets in typical Rambo fashion if they attempt to escape is what keeps them imprisoned. For you see, only sissies can’t take it and are not true followers of Christ anyhow. This is the Rambo code of conduct for the real men and women of Christ.


Gail received an honorary doctorate from the original Dr. Jack “Rambo” Hyles for her work on the New Age Bible Versions. For those who may not of heard of Jack Hyles, let me introduce him to you. Jack Hyles was the founder and Chancellor of Hyles-Anderson College and pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hammond Indiana from August 1959 until his death on February 6, 2001. The legacy of Jack Hyles lives on and what a legacy it is. Hammond First Baptist Church labels themselves as Independent, Fundamental, Bible believing Baptists. They also are KJV-1611 only believers. In other words, champions of KJV-Onlyism.


I knew nothing of Hyles-Anderson College  until I counseled with a woman who went through a terrible childhood that continued far into adulthood.  The things I was told was believable because we have grown accustomed to counseling with others with similar backgrounds. As the conversations continued, the more I was convinced that she was involved in some new strange abusive cultic organization. When I was finally informed that it was none of my suggested cults, I about fell off my chair when I was told it was an Independent Fundamental Baptist church that she had been attending.


 Before the reader thinks I am referring to Hammond First Baptist Church, rest at ease. It was not Hammond First Baptist church but rather is one in another location that has a Hyles-Anderson graduate as their pastor. It was at this time I launched an investigation into Jack Hyles that the common thread was found to be in KJV-Onlyism. I don’t know who actually could be credited with the founding of KJV-Olyism but I do know the Rambo attitude is pretty consistant with most KJV-Onlyites. Not all KJV-Onlyites believe as Jack Hyles believed but I do know they all are linked by the common thread of KJV-Onlyism. The link is either through association and/or by the exchange of literature in the KJV-Only circles. All that is certain is that the basic beliefs of KJV-Onlyism is consistant.


In regards to the Hyles link, how much of a coincidence can there be when the same jokes, same insults, same attitudes and same methodologies can be displaced by hundreds of miles for there not to be a common thread? With nothing said about Jack Hyles by this individual I had counseled with, the suggestive jokes from this pastor were identical jokes told first by Jack Hyles that I had discovered in my research. What I had discovered is, many students are being trained to be Jack Hyles clones rather than to be trained in the proclamation of the gospel in the spirit of Christ.


KVJ-Onlyism found a home in the Independent Fundamental KJV-1611 only Baptist churches. It is within this group you will find the most Hyles clones. If you are a member of an Independent Fundamental Baptist church, check out the literature in the library and see how many books you find on Bro Jack Hyles. If you find a large cache, you can be certain you are a member of a Hyles Rambo church.


Before I continue with the cast of characters, I am not in any way attacking any individual who may have graduated from or who may be attending any of these particular colleges or churches.  I know that many have been drawn into these colleges and churches with a sincere desire to follow and to serve Jesus. I also know that many are proclaiming the Gospel of Christ in the spirit of Christ. Please understand that it is the abuses, double standards and dishonesty that are being addressed. This article has a two-fold purpose. The first is for those who may identify with this article to be set free from spiritual abuse and bought into the liberty found in Jesus Christ. The second is for those who may be in positions of leadership or who have aspirations of leadership to have a change of attitude. Instead of sweeping the obvious problems under the rug, it is my hope that the problems will be faced and changed as needed.


Don’t be a Rambo for Christ. That is no more pleasing to the Lord Jesus than Bubba and Daisy Mae’s actions are pleasing to the Lord.


The Rambo Award Recipients Are


The first Rambo award goes to the former Jack Hyles. For years, Jack Hyles had been embroiled in much controversy about his extra-marital affairs, abuses of authority and doctrinal errors.


(Rather than repeat the information in this article, visit this link and follow the links that are highlighted. )


This information presented in these articles have been protected, justified and covered up and brushed off as an attack on a man of God rather than facing the issues head on. In defense of Mr. Hyles, his “works” are generally what justified his activities by the Hyles fans and clones. Although Mr. Hyles appeared to uphold and maintain a strict legalistic code of conduct for the congregation, the leadership was often exempt from the same codes.


This should not be a surprise because this is the same attitude of the Pharisees. Pharisees gave an outward appearance of righteousness while being filled with hatred and contempt towards the less spiritual and excused their own actions in hiding behind the laws.


Jesus spoke of this attitude in a parable in Luke 18:11-12.


 “The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican. I fast twice in the week, I give tithes of all that I possess.”


Pharisaism is the thinking of themselves as above others and puffing themselves up by pointing to their “works”.  This sounds pretty typical of a legalistic style of church doesn’t it?


One other parallel pointing to this attitude, we again refer to the words of Jesus in Matthew 23:4-7.


 “For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers. But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments, and love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues, and greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi.”


Now, here is the irony of posting this link with this information about Mr. Hyles. The one who gathered this information from various sites is one of the most ardent foes of Jack Hyles. Yet,  the piano tuner/repairman Steve Van Nattan is a KJV-Onlyite cultist himself. Mr. Van Natten attacks anybody who does not agree with him in the same fashion as Hyles and Hyles clones attack those who do not believe as they do. Although I agree with much of what Van Nattan has said about Jack Hyles, Mr. Van Nattan cannot see that his attacks against others are no different than the style of Jack Hyles. Another foe of Mr. Van Nattan is Dr Peter Ruckman who is another KJV-Onlyite cultist. Peter Ruckman attacks Mr. Van Nattan in the same style as Mr. Van Nattan and Hyleites attack others.


(Note, Mr. Van Nattan recently changed his web site from to blessed quietness. I would like to think the change is a result of Mr. Van Nattan being convicted and a change of heart has taken place but unfortunately, he appears to continue on in the same vein of attacks that he has prided himself with in the past.) 


From an article written by David Cloud, Mr. Cloud rightfully condemns Mr. Ruckman's “Fleshly Name Calling”. I just wonder if Mr. Cloud would condemn Mr. Nattan’s fleshly name calling too?  Perhaps it has gone unnoticed that Peter Ruckman’s name calling list is just as common as Mr. Van Nattan’s name calling.


For a prime example of hypocrisy, visit this web site about Mr. Ruckman in Mr. Cloud’s article. Then, pay special attention to what Mr. Van Nattan included in his comments about how we are to treat our brother.


Under the title “Bile Verses About Balaamas ass in Mr. Van Nattan’s web site, we are greeted with this poor attempt of humor. (At least, I think it was supposed to be humnor.)  


“The link ASS got your attention, right? Looking for Porn? You dog-- You need to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. He will help you get that filthy mind of yours under control.”


Isn’t it strange that Mr. Van Nattan would even think this? Perhaps his mind needs to be put under control.


He then sums this article up with the following quote. “QUESTION: Are you a "dumb ass speaking,"  or are you just a good old boy-- "silent type"– just a dumb ass, period?”


It is difficult to see where Mr. Van Nattan agrees with very few others, other than himself. In typical Van Nattan style, this is how he responds to most of whom he disagrees with. The comments that follow are just a few comments from the main title “For your Edification” under the subtitle, “Mean Fundamentalist” that speaks of “Jackboot Baptists”. What is interesting is, Mr. Van Nattan does not consider himself a “Jackboot Baptist” because he renounced being a Baptist. (Pretty convenient.)  What he fails to see is that his attitude is no different than those of who he attacks all through these articles.


This article (“Rambo’s for Christ”) deals with exactly the same thing that Mr. Van Nattan addresses in this series of articles on his web site. What the shame is, he does not see that he is of the same of what he charges others of. I guess the log does keep one from seeing. All the way through these articles, everyone is called to repent but naturally, it does not apply to Mr. Van Nattan who has nothing to repent from. Mr. Van Nattan has condemned nearly every living soul to hell and what is worse; he likes the idea and can’t wait for people to go there. I guess Mr. Van Nattan does not fully understand this following verse.


“If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?” (1John 4:20)


Some of Mr. Van Nattan’s comments are as follows.


JESUS is the Head and founder of every true church, not some fat faced pot bellied Jackboot Baptist preacher with cherry pie stains on his tie. I have declared war on these scum.”


I have very little truck with these jackboot jerks I am now associated with”.


For the record, I am KJB Only with zero tolerance for funny bibles, but friend, you better not leave it at that.”


I find very little difference between the average Eastern mystic guru and the vast majority of Fundamental Baptist pastors. The Eastern guru differs only in that he is not saved.”


(Note: Is Mr. Van Nattan saying some Fundamental Baptist pastors are saved?  If this is what he is saying, then I refer you back to 1 John 4:20. He cannot say “brother” only refers to Christian brothers for a way out because he just blew his defense in that statement.)


I fully believe the day may soon come when Chrismatics (sic) will go forth to hunt down Bible believers. I also fully believe that I will commit myself to God AND my .357.”


(I preach against most of what Mr. Van Nattan does too but what is this about his .357?  Is this a little Rambo attitude?  Hyles spoke is similar ways and had a great love for his guns too.)


If you are a Jackboot preacher, you will now be reading about yourself. You are a piece of the cheapest cowardly trash on earth, for the things you do to victimize the saints in the local church would get you killed or castrated with men of the world. There is no one on earth more disgusting than YOU. The sooner you and your devil are in hell, the better I will like it.”


“AND, thank God for hell. What a blessed deliverance hell promises to the true child of God who is tormented by Jackboots.”


I just need to ask, are these words the words that come from someone who has his tongue under control by the Holy Spirit?


I also share much of Mr. Van Nattan’s concerns and anger about abuse in the churches, false teachings etc, but being like the people you condemn isn’t being any different than the people you condemn. Mr. Van Nattan just does not see the connection to KJV-Onlyism at the root of his own faulty logic. He is desperately trying to disassociate himself from KJV-Onlyism yet he keeps himself trapped in KJV-Onlyism. As long as he keeps insisting that anybody who reads anything other than the KJV is deluded and is on the road to hell, then he will continue on in his own delusion of seeing everything as a satanic conspiracy. This makes him as guilty of the charges that he makes towards others and the condemnation he throws around flies right back at him.



For evidence of Mr. Van Nattan’s satanic conspiracy delusion behind everything, lets look at this one last statement then we will move on. Satan conspiracy hunting adherents seem to be the people who most often are the people involved in the very thing they are looking to expose. I believe there is a common sense reason for this. All the time focused on Satan hunting keeps the time spent off of Jesus Christ and this can never be healthy. The time spent looking for Satan can aid in opening the door to being deceived by the master of deception and I believe this happens with many Satan Rambo fighters.


Yes! Satan indeed is subtle.


Mr. Van Nattan continues, “Virtually all of the aberrant behavior on this page, given as examples of deviancy in Fundamentalism, was done by KJV Only men, missionaries, and churches. The King James Bible has become the decoy used by Jackboots to draw in the unsuspecting and sincere sheep into the fold of antichrist. What better way to deceive a trusting soul than to play on their zeal for the Word of God?”


Here we have a confession about KJV-Onlyism being at the root of all of what he talked about in these articles, then he turns right around and defends KJV-Onlyism. Oh, but he left a way out for himself. You see, this is another satanic plot, “ The King James Bible has become the decoy used by Jackboots to draw in the unsuspecting and sincere sheep into the fold of antichrist”.


Again, he is trying to dissociate himself from what he is, a KJV-Onlyist but Mr. Van Nattan is just too clever to fall for the devils wiles. He continues on “what better way for Satan to operate than to play on their zeal for the Word of God?”.


Of course, we know what he means by this. The KJV-1611 is the only pure word of God in English and everybody else is deceived.


Apparently, so have the KJV-Onlyist been deceived, with the exception of Mr. Van Nattan according to his previous statement.


Wow, what a Rambo for Christ, the last defending one-man army for truth. Humm, could you explain one more time how it is you are disassociated from KJV-Onlyism Mr.Van Nattan?

Irony Builds on Irony


To read about Dr. Peter Ruckman, visit this web site.



This article was written by David Cloud who is another KJV-Onlyite who wants to distance himself from Hyles and Ruckman. Again, I agree with much of what David Cloud says in this article. I applaud Mr. Cloud who does not use the same tactics as the before mentioned people but the problem is not with Hyles, Ruckman, Van Nattan and others, the problem is KJV-Olyism. As long as the conventional wisdom in the KJV-Only circles is the attitude that only the KJV is the pure Word of God in English and that anybody who does not agree with them is deluded and is on the way to hell, nothing will ever change.


Just keep following the links from one to another and you will see that I do not have to build a case against KJV-Onlyism. It is done for me through attacking each other and everyone else who does not agree with the central theme of KJV-Onlyism. The only time I see unity in KJV-Onlyism is when they have a common enemy and they do not have to look very far. If you are preaching, teaching and studying anything other than a KJV-1611,  you are the enemy. If no enemy outside of KJV-Onlyism is available to attack, it then becomes like a feeding frenzy of a pond full of Piranha. After the carcass is consumed and the piranha still is not satisfied, they then consume each other. I guess they cannot see outside of their own pond and still congregate with only their own no matter how murky the bloodied waters become.


Pride, Pride, Pride!


Pride is a terrible thing and the feel good emotions that come from proclaiming to be the only one who holds the truth still appeals to the pride of man. Pride was what caused the fall and pride is still what causes the fall in individual lives. Pride leads to all manner of deviate behavior and strange beliefs. It is pride that keeps a person trapped because of the refusal to acknowledge that they just might be wrong.


I know what I am talking about.  I was involved in the false teachings of the Word/Faith movement. I refused to listen to the truth when presented because to admit I was wrong required swallowing a lot of pride. All that kept coming to mind was, “What will others think of me if I admit I was wrong with what I taught others”? Listen people, it does not matter what others think. What does matter is what does God think about what you proclaim. Who is the judge of such matters, man or God?


Mr. David Cloud tries to make a distinction between his views of KJV-Onlyism in a desperate attempt to disassociate himself from other KJV-Onlyists that he also calls a cult.


Just what is the difference when it is KJV-Onlyism that is the cultic belief? Isn’t that kind of like calling one Mormon Church a cult and another one not a cult when they teach and believe the same thing? In the attempt to distance himself from Ruckman, Hyles and others, Mr. Cloud gives the following explanation.


In The Christian’s Handbook of Biblical Scholarship, pp. 271-272, Ruckman claims: “The King James Bible was given by inspiration of God.”

“I believe the King James Bible, as an accurate translation of the preserved Word of God, IS the inspired Word of God. I can hold it up and say  “this is the inspired Word of God.” But I don’t believe the King James Bible was GIVEN BY inspiration of God. I don’t believe the KJV is GIVEN BY inspiration in the same way that the original writings were. I believe it has DERIVED its inspiration from the text upon which it was based. The King James Bible is an accurate and beautiful translation of the preserved Scriptures and as such is the inspired Word of God--inspired derivatively, not directly.”


Cutting away all the chaff of Mr. Cloud’s above statement, in the end isn’t it really saying the same thing?  Although Mr. Cloud is nothing like Peter Ruckman, I still fail to see any difference between the two in defense of KJV-Onlyism.  Mr. Cloud defends KJV-Onlyism with the same zeal as Peter Ruckman defends KJV-Onlyism.  


I agree with Mr. Cloud’s assessment, I believe what he says about the KJV but I also believe the same thing about the NIV and other accurate translations.


See, what we have is a pride issue going on. The obvious keeps going unnoticed because what gives the KJV-Onlyist their distinction from “others” is KJV-Onlyism. Once this is shown to be in error, then the distinction is removed and they become just as those who they have spent decades condemning.


Pride, pride pride, such an ugly thing it is.


My Ten Minute Attendance of a KJV-Only Church


I did not know what this church believed upon my visit at the time. Reflecting back, I now know why my wife and I attended for only ten minutes. We were KJV-Only blind-sided with a Rambo KO punch.


It was approximately 16 years ago one Sunday morning that my wife and myself were looking for a church to attend a worship service. We were visiting another state and after driving around for awhile, we spotted this little white Baptist church tucked away in the beautiful landscape of Connecticut. We hesitated about going inside for a moment because we were about ten minutes late and did not want to disrupt the service. I told my wife that we could just stand in the corridor and see if we could slip in at an appropriate time. She agreed with the plan.


As we stood in the corridor, I was looking over the literature and was surprised that the preaching had already began. I thought that perhaps they begin with the preaching and follow up with singing. Either that or they have a very short period of singing before the preaching.


It was obvious that this preacher had no need for a microphone. Even the closed doors of the sanctuary offered little relief to our eardrums in the corridor. I peeked through the glass and saw this brawny reddened faced man pounding on the podium with such force that I wondered what he had against the podium. I thought to myself that he really believes in what he is preaching or he is an excellent showman. If neither of those two things, perhaps it was a Rambo display of how to turn an oak podium into toothpicks. In the ten minutes of our attendance, (five spent in parking the car and walking into the corridor and the other five listening to this “sermon”) this Rambo for Christ had virtually sent everybody in every church to hell. While shaking my head I said to my wife, “I don’t think this is what we are looking for”.


We then left as quickly as we had entered. I truly pitied the people in that church being subjected to what they were being subjected to. 


We continued to drive with ringing ears from the volume of Rambo’s preaching when we spotted this little community church and noticed that we were in time for the next service. In our haste, we did not notice this was the service for Italian speaking people. The warm greetings and smiling faces made us instantly feel at home as we sat down towards the middle of the sanctuary and joined in with the praise and worship. We knew the songs and sang along but it didn’t sound like everyone was singing in English. I thought perhaps my ears were still trying to recover from Rambo and were not working properly yet. 


The pastor soon stood at the podium and looked right at us and said, “You are not Italian are you”? I said “No! What gave it away? (Perhaps because neither of us are Italian and don’t look Italian?)  He laughed as well as the rest of the congregation. Many in the congregation understood English, but he would repeat in Italian what was being said for the benefit of those who did not understand English.


The pastor then explained that the sermon is given in Italian and invited us back to the English service the next Sunday that begins just before the Italian service. I explained that it was ok and that even though I might not understand the words that I just wanted to be with fellow believers for the moment. He said, “Brother, please stand up and give your testimony”.


I was surprised by this request but I also was delighted to do as he asked. The pastor then thanked me and invited me back to repeat my testimony for the English service the next Sunday. As I was giving my testimony, I noticed younger people leaning over and whispering to the older people near them. Later, I realized that those who understood English were translating what I was saying to the older people who did not understand English.


The pastor then delivered a beautiful sermon in both English and Italian just for our benefit. I thought to myself, what a wonderful man of God to be so concerned for two strangers. Although my testimony and having to repeat his sermon twice ran the service over, I did not see one person looking at their watch or acting anxious. After the service, nearly every person smiled and shook our hands or hugged us.


We were both so moved by the congregation and this quiet preacher mans demeanor and love for the Lord, it has remained to be one of the most fond memories we both have had. As we exited the building, in typical Italian custom, the preacher hugged and kissed me on both cheeks. Not accustomed to this, I felt kind of awkward but both the wife and myself walked away from the complete contrast of what we had left earlier in the morning.


Conclusion/The Contrast


One preached and practiced the love of God. The other preached and practiced the condemnation of God.


The one knew he was a sinner saved by nothing but by the grace of God. The other either forgot or never saw himself as a sinner saved by the grace of God.


One had been broken of his prideful nature. The other still feeds on his prideful nature.


Which will you be, a Rambo for Christ or one who has been humbled and reflects the humility in Christ in love for your fellow man?    


Here is a perfect example of a Rambo in action. Notice the Rambo-like response to the above article. Thanks for proving our point so well!



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