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This is another area that the Bible does not specifically address, the same as with all of the various sexual practices, and it requires the same answer (see the articles on Premarital Sex and on Masturbation as well as the main article A Practical, Biblical Perspective on Sex and Marriage). If it is wrong for one or both of the spouses, then it is wrong for them as a couple.

It needs to be understood and repeated: the only sexual act specifically condoned in the Bible is any sexual activity within the confines of marriage between one man and one woman. Although it is true that these practices occur in other relationships such as homosexuality, incest, prostitution and others, it needs to be understood that it is the practice OUTSIDE of marriage the Bible specifically addresses and condemns.

Do I believe that there are any practices that are wrong in marriage? Yes I do. I believe that any practice that degrades, humiliates or is painful to either partner is wrong. Without having to be graphic, much just requires common sense. Fetishes with human waste, bondage, and things of this nature should be obvious. In areas where there may be general disagreements, I believe these matters are left up to each individual marriage as to what they mutually agree on as being acceptable in their relationship towards one another. Where a difference of opinion occurs, love should rule the decision.



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