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We recommend this page for mature audiences only, please.
You should not continue on if you are under 18!

Please note that this article has some strong language in it and is rather explicit. Our intention for including this is to give you a real-life marriage that was torn apart by pornography. If you are a man who gets into porn from time to time, you need to be aware of how the stimulating effects of pornography follow the law of diminishing returns. The more porn you read, the less it stimulates you and the more of it you need to reach that same level of stimulation. You may see it as a harmless viewing, but even if you do not suffer a true addiction to it, it will effect your marriage in a detrimental way. In our counseling, we find that men who regularly submit to viewing pornography will begin to treat their wives as objects. If you don't believe this is true, ask a wife whose husband sees a lot of porn. She can usually tell you when he's been into it a lot.

If you are a woman who finds herself identifying with the wife of this letter you need to evaluate your situation. Some addictions are so powerful that love cannot stand against them and while God is omnipotent, He is a gentleman and will allow each man (or woman) to have his/her own free will. If you are in a situation that is beginning to turn abusive, please seek help. It will only escalate if you don't find some help immediately.

The events in this letter are completely true. All situations actually did happen.

I am 18 or over. I am under 18.



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