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The Bible does not address the issue of contraceptives. This area has never been one of concern until the development of a variety of birth control devices in the past 60 years or so. As to my knowledge, the Catholic Church is the main group that turned this into a moral issue. It is of my opinion that the Catholic Church does not have any biblical grounds for condemning the use of artificial birth control devises.

In place of artificial birth control, the Catholic Church promotes the rhythm method as a natural birth control. The rhythm method is keeping track of the time of the month that the woman is the most fertile and the married couple is to avoid intercourse during that time. I have no objections to this practice. The only problem with this practice is that it gave rise to the old joke of "What do you call people who practice the rhythm method"?........Parents! .

The argument by the Catholic Church is that artificial means of birth control could go against what God has planned as a pregnancy and interferes with God's plan. To me, this argument does not quite line up with the story of Abraham and Sarah who were well beyond the age of being able to conceive children. There is nothing that controls birth more than old age. My opinion is that mankind can thwart nothing that God wills to come to pass, artificial or natural.

Another argument is that human sexuality is only for the purpose of the pro-creation of the human species. I agree that it is the main purpose but is not the only purpose. (See the article entitled A Practical Biblical Perspective on Sex and Marriage). To suggest that sexuality is strictly for pro-creation is to suggest that sexuality just for pleasure is wrong. If this is true, then why is the rhythm method even suggested for couples to practice? After all, isn't that practice just for the pleasure of sexuality when the intention is to avoid a pregnancy? If this were displeasing to God, then the use of either artificial or natural birth control would be the same in his eyes. The only difference is that natural birth control sounds a little more religious than artificial birth control.

I believe God gives each couple the responsibility to determine how many children they wish to have and can provide for. God wants us to be wise and responsible in all areas of our lives. Birth control has always been practiced and the main practice in biblical times was for the man to withdraw from intercourse just before the point of ejaculation. (See article titled What does the Bible say about Masturbation?).

In conclusion, I believe that the use of birth control devices can be used for either good or evil purposes. The devices are not evil. The reason why the devices are used can determine if they are good or evil. If birth control devices are used for the purpose of prevention of a pregnancy for a person who wants to take sex outside of wedlock, it is the activity that is wrong and does not make the device evil. If the device is used within the context of a marriage for the purpose of being wise about childbearing, then it is being used for a good purpose. After all, if God desires you to have another child, even birth control will not stop Him.



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