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So, what youíre telling me is that if I donít have the number on this card, I canít buy anything in this store.  Is that right?

Thatís very interesting because almost 2000 years ago a man named John on a little island called Patmos wrote down that there would be a time in the future when no one would be able to buy or sell without a certain mark or number.  At the time, it seemed an odd thing for him to write, but God Himself had shown this to John so even though he didnít understand when it would happen or how it possibly could happen, he wrote it down.

Now, almost 2000 years later, we are seeing how this could be.  John specifically says that there is coming a ruler who will be in charge of the entire world (a one-world government that Clinton has recently been openly advocating) and that this ruler will require ALL people to have a certain mark, on their right hand or their forehead, that will be the only way they will be allowed to buy or sell anything.  John didn't know anything about computer chips or microchips or anything about present day technology, but his prophecy is quickly on its way to coming true.

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I saw a commercial the other day where a man was going through a grocery store, picking items up and putting them in his pockets.  We are led to believe that he was shoplifting these items, as he looked guiltily around him with each new acquisition.  When he headed towards the door, we saw a guard standing there and we felt certain that the man was going to be caught for his pilfering ways.  As he walked through the entrance, you heard a voice saying, "Thank you for your purchase."  John's words are beginning to sound less like the future and more like the present.

Recently I read that there are several countries that are accepting bids to produce citizen cards, an ID card that contains a microchip with information about each individual.  The Philippines is already in the process of producing such a card.  The chip that they use on this is quite tiny and there has been talk about getting rid of the cards altogether.  What would they do if they got rid of the cards?  Well, you might want to ask a veterinarian.  The newest technology is a microchip implanted into your beloved pet so if they stray, they can be returned to you.  I would suggest that this technology will soon be suggested for children as a way of "keeping them safe" from abduction.

The most interesting comment I have heard on this subject is a rumor that there are two locations planned for this possible ID chip implantation.  One of them is on the back of the right hand and the second is on the forehead.  Again, how did a man 2000 years ago come up with such an idea if he had no knowledge of modern technology?  There would have been no way in his day that anyone could have controlled ALL buying and selling merely by a mark on the forehead or the hand, but today we see this as being a true reality.


bullet3.jpg (893 bytes) Okay, so some guy a couple of thousand years ago saw a vision from God about this.  What's it got to do with me?  In the Bible, we have been given many prophecies about the end of the world.  Many of these prophecies, some given more than 2500 years ago, are beginning to come true.  Don't you think it's interesting that the late Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung boasted that he could put 200,000,000 fighting men into battle at any given time?  And that the Bible says that an army of that exact number will fight in a battle in the end time that will kill 1/3 of the entire population of the world?  Is it a coincidence that Mao Tse Tung chose that precise number?  How about the prophecy that the mighty Euphrates River would dry up and Turkey now has a dam over that river, allowing them to turn the flow on or off at their own discretion?

There are many other things that are told to us in the Bible about the end of the world.  Many of them involve a good portion of the world's population being wiped out.  Wouldn't it be worth a few hours of your time to start looking into it?  Your life depends on it!

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